Prayer and Reflection

Lisanne kneeled and prayed to Damie. She had lost three of her dogs, Henrik, Daniel and Ryan. They had been loyal and faithful and brave. Along with her other companions, they had helped to give them enough time to escape.

She had known something was wrong when her bond told her the dogs were somewhere else. She couldn’t figure it out right away. She had seen them right in front of her but somehow they weren’t there. So she tried to call her mount and unbeknownst to her, they had appeared right beside her. They had been in some kind of waking dream. At what point they had been drawn into the dream, she wasn’t sure. Trevor had bitten her to try to wake her up. She and the rest of the group had eventually woken up from their waking dream. She knew it would be difficult to get them out of the caves, they were miles underground. She couldn’t bear to leave them somewhere and try to call them the next day. They probably would have all been killed before that.

She gave a prayer of thanks to her dogs and prayed to Damie to take care of her dogs. She knew she would have to replace them but she didn’t want to think about that yet. The time would come when she would need to rebuild, get a new sled, new dogs, but not today.

She thought about the slave children that were working nearby. They might be orphans just like her. They had no one to look after them, they needed protection and their group might be their only hope. She had wanted to right then and there go in and overpower the guards and save the children. Laker understood, she had grown up in a Church of Damie orphanage as well.

But she knew that they needed rest, needed to recharge their spells and formulate a plan to save the children. She wished Angela was there to provide guidance and support. She was a great mentor and she usually gave logical and smart advice when it came to planning operations and military strategy. She sometimes found it hard to pay attention to the planning and waiting part, she usually just wanted to go in there and just do it.

She prayed to Damie to help her and her companions on the road ahead and a way to save the children and defeat those evil creatures. Each of her companions had something helpful and good to bring to the cause, whether it was offenseive or defensive abilities, healing, physical, magic or something else. They just had to work better as a team and co-ordinate their attacks more effectively. She remembered the advice Angela used to say to her: you have to be able to “Lead, Follow or get out of the way.”

She got up to go start her watch with Laker, she would discuss the plan with her and then discuss it with the group in the morning.



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