Promotions on the High Seas

“Seems like an awful waste of fine wine; something that is on the rarer side these days, you sure about this?” George Cooper looked over to the stiff shirted Mr. Arrow and the sombre Nigel with a wry grin. It was the Halfling that responded

“An absolute must Captain, a tradition eons old that must be upheld, besides, there isn’t enough to share anyway” George nodded at the sad truth and with a casual flick of the wrist the bottle flipped into the air; he easily caught it by the next. With another encouraging nod from the Torrent Nigel he turned to the assembled mass.

“In the name of Kelizandri I hereby declare that The Stubby Narwhale is ready for launch, may the seas always be calm for her!” he projected his voice clearly accenting the ancient blessing by smashing the wine bottle against her hull. There was a cheer from the crowd, any reason to celebrate George supposed. He walked with the Torrent and Mr. Arrow around to the new jetty and up the plank unto his new deck. The holds were opened and the cranes began to load crates of ammunition, tools and food for their maiden journey. The Torrent walked the decks blessing the ship and whispering to her as George and Mr. Arrow climbed up towards the helm. She was a beauty, George mused to himself, likely the most freedom any man could have in this day and age. He’d never planned to be a sailor, though had no direct qualms with how things were turning out.

“So, Captain Cooper, where is it that your order have you heading for your Maiden voyage?” Mr. Arrow asked as he leaned forward examining the new inset compass and altimeter.

“Orders… huh…” George said, still getting used to the rigid military structure, he grinned to himself happy once more with the deal he’d worked out “I figure I’ll take her out to sea and sail south towards the elven court. Boys and I have it in our heads to run a blockade and see what there is to see… if ya catch my drift” Mr. Arrow did not catch his drift at all, running the devil blockade of the elven capital, for a maiden voyage, it was preposterous, yet who was he to argue with the wisdom of the Avatars. He looked up seeing the green Captain was still speaking “… What of you Arrow, Aleau got you on another fetch errand?” Mr. Arrow raised an eyebrow at this but did not rise to it

“The Avatar Aleau, or in Military terms known as the Admiral now as actually promoted me Captain and given me command of Kelizandri’s Claw…”

“Good on ya Arrow, It Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy” George said slapping the man on the shoulder, he was rarely this informal with others but he loved how this seemed to rile the uptight sailor

“Indeed, so my first mission with the Claw is to take the ship into the Northern Ice Flows and collect a very important ally for our Admiral”

“A, so a fetch quest then… well we all have to deal with them sometimes I suppose, well, so I hear anyway” George couldn’t help it, it was just too much fine

“indeed” Captain Arrow replied, his tone remarking his displeasure “Any way Captain Cooper, the ship is in your care now, treat her well, and safe journies” the man extended his hand in a somber shake. George let him have the moment, wiping the grin from his face

“You as well Captain Arrow, all the best, and stay warm up there” the two shook as peers, each preparing for their deadly journeys



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