Raveing about Ravens

Samuel wondered about the Way Station, it had been a long day. After the battle on the bridge he had spent a significant amount of time healing the wounded and seeing to it that their injuries would not fester. Then he had come to the Way Station and spent time making sure that everyone was settled and that they had received an evening meal, he had spoken briefly with Alex explaining that he did not yet have a means to communicate over great distances, which had not pleased the young Alchemist, and now had just finished brewing tea. He approached the tent and knocked on the pole waiting for the greeting

“Come in” he heard the gruff voice, Samuel entered the tent and immediately smelt the wonderful aroma of a delicious stew. He saw the fey man sitting cross legged eating a bowl.

“Ah… hello mister Raven… how are we doing today” Samuel started, Raven looked up at him and smiled “Samuel, it is nice to see you, Help yourself to some stew.” Samuel took a seat passing the cup to Raven and then reaching for a bowl “Don’t mind if I do, just thought I’d check in, drop off a nice cup of tea for you… you know make sure everything was all right and all… make sure that there were no urges to sit in weird pools of blood or anything… you know but mostly the tea” Raven smiled at the little halfing as he watched the fellow fill his bowl and awkwardly explain his presence “Really Samuel, I’m fine. You don’t need to check in on me, though I don’t mind the company” Samuel nodded through a mouth full before responded “Sure thing Mister Raven, but don’t you think that even a fellow who was about to lose it might say he’s fine… I’m not calling you a liar or anything, just saying that I’ve seen fine before, seen plenty of fine in my time, and… well… pardon me being a little blunt here, but you aren’t that. You look a little down on yourself, and certainly lonely… and well there was that whole thousand mile stare sitting in pools of blood not really talking to anyone and kind coming off as a creepy sort of psycho type thing that happened last night… you know… so… ya… I just don’t think were at fine yet…” the Halfling took a moment to take another mouthful a stew holding up his bowl and nodding to indicate his enjoyment of it, he quickly swallowed and continued. “But ya… good stew by the way… ya ummm…. I think that if we work hard at it we can get there… fine seems like a good goal to have… a down right achievable one… I think that you Mister Raven certainly have FINE in you… you seem like a person who would do well at being fine… just saying is all” there was an awkward silence for a few moments as the Halfling shoveled a few more bites into his mouth, hoping it would break the tension. Then Raven laughed

“You are a character Prior Samuel R Two-Foot, I’m not sure I’ve ever met someone like you before, and believe me I’ve met my share of people.” Raven chuckled again at the Halflings response

“you know, I get that a lot… not sure why, got three brothers back in Japork” Raven lifted an eyebrow at that

“Three more like yourself? If thats the case then the world sure is changen, for the better I’d say but changen nevertheless.” Raven and Samuel talked for a while and samuel had three whole helpings of stew before haveing to take his leave for the evening. For such a small fellow he sure could eat, All that good will must take up alot of energy Raven thought jokeingly to himself. He peered outside his tent at the sky the tear still hung ominously on the moon. “gods be thanked for people like you Samuel I fear the world will be needing more like you very soon.” Raven said to himself before ducking back into the tent and preparing for watch.



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