Riding High Pt 1

Lieutenant Nudlin Marblesapper of Clan Telchar walked towards the command tent. He was flying high so to speak, he had managed to distinguish himself in the battle of Morning Glory. His hard work, attention to detail and dedication were finally be paid off, not only was had he been promoted to Lieutenant, but his request to be transferred to the rare Calvary units had also been granted. He knocked at the command tent wrapping bar and entered upon the greeting.

Commander Sofi Nobeard hunched over the desk, with five major and a few captains huddled around, the group turned to see him. Crisply Nudlin dropped his sack, stood at attention and offered a clean salute

“Lieutenant Nudlin Marblesapper, transferring from the 4th Dact Axes and reporting for duty sir!” he held his posture as the Commander stood and offered him a far less formal return salute.

“Stand easy Lieutenant. Captain, looks like you got another one to break in… can you spare a mount?” the Commanders tone was deadpan but a few of the majors chortled. The Captain in question saluted the Commander saying nothing and left the room, ordering the Lieutenant to follow. Nudlin quickly grabbed his sack and jogged after the muttering Captain

“Welcome to the first Dact Calvary Nudlin, you can get a new uniform issued from the quartermaster, as well as all your kit once we have you settled. Nudlin kept a half stride behind the Captain wondering to himself which unit he would be placed with, the Donkey Punchers? He would prefer something with more flare, but could live with that. Maybe he would get in with the Ram Riders… or the Bear Tamers! Maybe, just maybe he would be lucky enough to be linked to the aerial unit, he had heard they had a few hippogriffs and even a couple griffins, how amazing that would be. He looked around seeing the Captain had led him to a more secluded side of the camp. The Captain stopped and pointed at a large canvas tent, “Requisition a cot and trunk, you can put them in that tent over there… any questions?”

“Uh… yes sir… which company am I assigned to?” the Captains lips pursed as he shook his head

“My unit Nudlin, the same company all transfers start in”

“oh… and Sir… which company is that?”

“Welcome to the 1st Dact Unmounted Calvary, now stow your gear and get settle Liuetenant, we got a long walk ahead of us tomorrow”



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