Shadow Dreams pt 1.

The sky stretched out a red the colour of fury, a black fog hanging low on the horizon like a stage curtain. Entares stood in the middle of a barren field, the ground was a mosaic of cracks in the dirt that looked as though it may never have seen water. The air was alive with the energy of hatred and greed; Entares could feel it.

Beyond the black fog, mountains let out titanic groans that filled the world with noise as they stretched upward towards the red sky. Entares stood in the middle of the valley looking to each space on the horizon where a mountain was beginning to grow. Entares spun on his heel looking to each spot trying to understand what was going on. A haze seemed to fall upon Entares as he watched each mountain in succession rise to its full glory. The haze robbed Entares of his ability to distinguish time and space, as each mountain seemed to rise at the same time, and appeared to be directly in front of Entares.

The first set of mountains seemed to rise together. On the first mountain screams seemed to rise and fall with the eruptions of fire that sprang forth from the fissure on its peak. The second to arise produced a huge black throne that cracked like the sound of a bullwhip whenever the fires from the first mountain flared up. The third opened like a volcano, but rather than spew forth lava, it oozed a black tar that bubbled and crept down the side of the mountain.

Entares eyes darted from side to side examining the cursed mountains. Although the mountains were each in the distance and no creatures could be seen, Entares felt exposed out in this valley. As more mountains began to rumble and rise, Entares was sent into panic, compelled to find a place to hide from this symphony of terror.


Entares woke with a start. The desk in front of him was cluttered with books, many of which lay open to some particular page. Cut pieces of paper with scribbled notes lay on most of the open pages. Entares looked from book to book as if they could show him everything he’d seen in his dream. Realizing his mistake, Entares began focusing inwards. He knew the importance of his dreams and tried to go through the mental exercises he had trained himself to use in order to keep the fullest memory of dreams.

Before Entares could solidify his focus he realized someone else was in the room with him, someone powerful. Entares squinted as his eyes focused to see through the orange morning light that bathed the room. It took a second before Entares realized who was watching.

Aduin lay in the windowsill, his draconic head raised and his eyes set on Entares. The moment Entares saw the deep concern in Aduin’s eyes he realized that it was his presence he had felt. Entares sighed as his nerves settled, but his thoughts were then replaced by a confused concern. Although his empathic mind was now reconnected to Aduin, it hadn’t been when he had first awoken. Entares closed his mind and connected his thoughts to Aduin’s recent memories. There was no dream. Entares’ nerves became restless again. Over on the windowsill Aduin cocked his head and began to rise. The small dragon floated effortlessly over to Entares, who distractedly scratched his familiar behind his cristus majorus in just the right spot. Aduin leaned his head into the affection until he’d had enough and could feel Entares’ mind settle. The long thin dragon draped himself over Entares shoulders, put his head down again and went back to sleep.

Entares took a few deep breaths, promised himself that he would meditate on this issue later and began to pack up his essentials. He had promised one of the villagers that he would look at a lesion that had become enflamed and Entares had trained himself to always put physician work before any other tasks of the day.



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