Shadow Dreams pt 3.

Entares woke to the dawn’s early light creeping across the floor towards his bed. After a few sleepish blinks, and a laboured yawn Entares’ mind focus on his surroundings and he made a guess of it being about 8 am. Entares felt like it had only been five minutes since he had closed his eyes to sleep. It felt as if he had been the victim of some cruel joke, as if the dawn had come early to cheat him of his rest. Entares slowly moved his feet over the edge of the bed and to the floor. Entares’ day was wide open to him today, minus a few small obligations. Entares contented himself with knowing that now he could devote some time to studying the crystals and their strange voices. Entares wished he could have gotten further in that research last night.

It was on about the fourth extension of that thought when Entares realized that he had no idea what he was thinking about. Last night he had been making notes about Fletcher. Where did this notion of crystals and voices come from? Then suddenly, as though a flood gate had opened in his mind, his dream came rushing back into his memory. Entares had only just stood up and a torrent of vertigo sent his head spinning, as he lost his balance and crashed down hard into the frame of his bed. A sharp pain struck Entares in his left side and Entares knew immediately that he’d have a massive bruise on his sixth vertebrosternal rib.

Entares lay there for the moment, taking deep breaths, wincing on the inhale and trying to make sense of the dream memories that had suddenly been recovered. Entares knew instinctually that two dreams of the same thing were rare and should instantly be considered prophetic. But what did this one mean. Dreams were always much more clear than this. If anything, dreams had always been the easiest of his prophecies to interpret. It was the visions while he was awake that always seemed the most confusing and cryptic. Entares looked about to find Aduin to find out if the dragon had shared in this dream. Aduin was clearly elsewhere, as Entares could not find him nor feel his presence. Although Entares could call Aduin to appear, he figured it was better that he not in case his little friend was retrieving some critical information to aid in Entares’ plans.



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