Shadow Dreams pt 4.

Entares straightened in his seat, flexing his back and allowing his wings to spread across the room. The stretch felt good and the moving of his wings reminded Entares that he needed to begin exercising them more. While he had been traveling Entares had done so much to hide his leathery appendages that he now almost forgot that they were there. Entares had gotten good at folding them down to look like some kind of inner cloak, allowing them to hang limp underneath his real cloak, but this had meant that it was hard for him to give them any exercise.

Entares finished stretching and looked back down at the newly transcribed spell in front of him. After hours and hours of research Entares had finally finished his first spell creation, “Entares’ Acumen Armour”. Entares decided that he had done enough research and study for the day and that he would postpone the trial of his spell until tomorrow. Entares left side still hurt and Entares knew the best thing he could do for it was to stretch out the muscles with a mild workout.

Entares closed the curtains in his moderately sized study, pushed his work table against a wall, cleared a few stacks of books that littered the room and made a few mental measurements of the new space he had created. Satisfied with his renovation, Entares allowed himself to fall forward and readied himself to begin doing push-ups. Normally, since the introduction of his draconic blood, this exercise presented no challenge, but today Entares had a new idea in mind. Instead of using his arms, Entares began using his wings to create the lift he needed to rise off the floor. Entares still used his arms to guide the ascent, but allowed his wings to do the hard work.

As Entares went through the routine he had formulated in his head, he also began thinking more of the dreams he’d had the past two nights. Once Aduin had returned Entares had consulted with him about the dreams, and as he had surmised, Aduin had no recollection of the vision. Now he was left to figure out the source and meaning of these dreams by himself. More and more Entares was starting think that these weren’t prophetic dreams but were just the echoes of his decisions beginning to haunt him. Either way, Entares had to be sure he hadn’t missed anything.

Entares took the next hour exercising and going through word associations, concept associations, standard symbology, and arcane lore in his head trying to identify patterns in his dreams. As far as Entares could tell, the mountains represented fears and challenges that Entares knew were in his future. Entares knew that certain crystal formations had specific arcane power. Perhaps this vision was a warning to beware of a powerful crystalline artefact? One that would overwhelm and destroy Entares? Perhaps it was a clue as to where to find such an artefact so that he could more effectively combat the infernal army that roamed Argyle? By the end of his workout, Entares felt as though he was no closer to the truth of his vision than when he had started. Rather than waste any more time, Entares resolved to begin his research on medical spells that did not require a divine patron.

It was early when Entares decided he was too tired to continue and needed to sleep. It surely couldn’t have even been midnight yet. Nonetheless, Entares prepared himself for bed. Just before lying down, Entares turned to Aduin who was sleeping on the mantle of the fireplace.

“Don’t go anywhere tonight, okay? If you could, check in on me once in awhile as well. If you can’t see these dreams with me, at least let me know how my physical body is handling the visions.”

Aduin raised his head slightly, gave the slightest of nods, sent Entares a wave of concerned affection and then lay his head back on the warm granite surface of Entares’ fireplace mantle.


Entares stood again in the desolation of the world, the mountains impending upon his future. Entares looked down at his hands. His clawed fingers and scaled hands held seven seeds. The noise of the valley seemed to die away as Entares examined the items in his hands. They were not his, he knew this, and they weren’t his to plant either. Entares wondered as to their owner, looking about to try and find someone he knew would not be there. Looking back down to his hands, Entares now saw that each seed was very different from the last. Entares tried to examine them and compare each to their friends, but every time he focused on one, it fell in between the crevices of his palm. Acting quickly each time, Entares put one hand below and caught the escaping seeds. Frustrated by his inability to gain understanding of the seeds, he closed the hand that held the seeds to keep them safe for the moment. As he did so, he could feel the watching eyes of another being.

Entares quickly hide his hand behind his back and looked up to see a terrible sight which had haunted his dreams many months ago; one that he never wished to see again.



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