Shadow Dreams pt 5.

Entares slammed hard into the stone floor of his home. Groaning with the pain and trying to clear his head enough to know where he was, Entares didn’t hear the knocking on his door. The knock came twice more before he finally caught the sound and began making his way down stairs. Aduin popped in on Entares left shoulder and perched, obviously curious about the morning caller.

Entares peered out the window next to the door trying to get a look at who had woke him up. Talib stood at the door rocking back and forth on his heels, obviously impatient. Entares panicked, pulled back from the window and looked for a weapon. Nothing. Entares hadn’t had the chance to memorize his spells yet, and was sore from last night’s workout. Seeing nothing around, Entares’ mind started to seize.

Suddenly, Talib’s head popped through the window. “Well, are you going to open the door?”

Talib’s almost jovial tone snapped Entares back to his senses. “Y-yes, just give me a moment.” Talib’s left eyebrow cocked before he pulled his head back and Entares heard him walk back over to the door.

Entares took a deep breath, reclaimed his composure and answered the door.

“What brings you down from on high?” Entares stepped out of the way to allow Talib to enter.

Talib stepped in the door and took a good look around the room before responding, “I needed an answer from you on the feasibility of storming the Elven shipyards.”

“It couldn’t wait until this afternoon when I was coming up to the keep?” Entares eyed Talib suspiciously.

Talib’s voice, although still jovial, betrayed the annoyance he felt. “I’m sorry, were you under the impression that I was the type of person to enjoy waiting?”

“My apologies,” Entares forced out, “I was going to take the morning to put the final touches on my research notes. I –“

“You know what I love about you Entares?” Talib continued not giving Entares a chance to respond, “You’re so thorough.” Talib smiled and turned about on his heel walking out the door again. As he was walking down the road he called out, “That sounds good. I’ll see you at the keep some time shortly after noon.”

Entares closed the door as soon as Talib was out of sight.


Entares tried to put the morning events out of his mind to at least complete the Elven shipyards report. Entares made sure to keep a copy of the report for his own records, including an abridged copy which he tucked into a scroll case and purposely mislabelled ‘Pipes Experiments: Basic’. Entares then added a few sheets of basic necromancy information and file the scroll case away.

The rest of the day had gone as planned. Entares gave Talib a précis of the research he had done. Talib commended Entares several times in a way that Entares now started to realize was pandering. Entares wondered how much of his report Talib had actually listened to. Eventually Entares settled on the fact that it probably didn’t matter and just did his best to not have his mind drift back to his dreams.

It wasn’t until Entares returned home that evening that he finally got time to think to himself. The dreams were starting to frighten Entares. Although he couldn’t remember what he had seen at the end of his dream last night, he knew it terrified him. Aduin offered feelings of uncertainty and uneasiness. It was obvious to Entares now that clearly he had not acted strangely last night in his sleep, or else Aduin would have conveyed that by now.

Content that his dreams could at least not harm him, for now anyway, Entares decided maybe a long night’s sleep would help him. At the very least, perhaps the plot of his dreams would be sped along and would finally make its point. Entares settled down for the evening and found sleep.



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