Shadow Dreams pt 6.


A large raven stood a few yards away, scratched at the ground and cocked its head to allow a big black eye to get a better view of Entares.


Entares started at the sound, his nerves on end. The raven hopped forward and fixed a black eye on Entares.


Entares stood perfectly still, staring back at the bird, trying to hold his hand behind his back in the least suspicious was possible. It was too late. The raven had seen Entares trying to examine the seeds and now he wanted them.


Entares panicked. He tried to scream out at the raven, but every time he opened his mouth all that came out was the cacophony of noise from the mountains about him. Entares desperately looked about at the five mountains that had reached their zenith and quickly looked to the half dozen or so of low rumbling mountains that were trying to push themselves up and gain a spot in the vile choir.

Looking back at the raven, Entares saw that the bird was now also looking about at the mountains around them. One big black eye jumped from mountain to mountain, taking in each sight while the other remained fixed on Entares and the seeds.




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