The Chronicles of Erindale Chapter 1

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Erindale walked the halls of the elven court, today was to be a glorious day. After years of hard enduring trials he had bested the finest of each of the three mage towers, he had dueled and defeated the Royal Mage of Don-Ton, the Dwarven High Priest of Dwarf Gate, and the ancient Runniest from Wing Hove. He had now been acclaimed as the finest wizard in all the Elven Lands, and was about to be elevated as personal councillor to the Speaker of the Suns.

Erindale entered the StarSun Tower and was pleased as his kin bowed and stepped aside from him. His grey robes billowed behind him as he walked briskly towards the open spiral staircase leading up to the Sun Chamber. With the merest thought he began to levitate upwards passing those lesser elves who had to toil on the stairs and use ‘traditional means’ of elevation. Twenty nine stories he rose until he reached the top, here he stepped back on to the walk and entered the chamber. Erindale smiled, he his sparkling with glee as he passed Fistdandilis, a Black Robe whom he’d barley defeated for this honour. The crowed parted for him as he approached and took a knee before the Great Speaker of the Sun Arulidilothasius. He waited until he heard the Speakers voice.


“Arise Erindale of Palagius” Erindale returned to his feet and looked up at the ancient elf who ruled most of Argyle. It was true the humans as a few cities of note in the north, most notably Waterdeep. But for the most part they were a crude and barbaric race having little understanding towards the concepts of magics. The dwarves had long ago left the realms of real magic and instead chose to focus on crafting in the mountains, so be it. The dragons had finally taken their leave, bequeathing Argyle to its natural sons and daughters, the age of the elves was here, civilization at its finest, and Erindale drank the moment knowing he was at the top of it all. The ancient elf once more began to speak calling the young mage back to attention

“as per the traditions of our people… three councillors have I chosen on this day… the first having proved time and again his skill, knowledge, guile and heart; it pleases me to announce that from this point forward so long as I rule with the approval of the Sun and the Stars above, Erindale of Plaugious shall be my Consigliore Primus” cheering arose from the crowd as the head wizard from each of the three major towers stepped forward

“Erindale, may you always advise with the cunning and intellect that our craft is known for, I grant you as gift on this holy day, the gift of perfect memory” the Red robed mage said, quickly the red robes from within the room began a solemn chant as their master reached forward and touched the forehead of Erindale “May nothing ever elude your memory brother” Erindale nodded accepting the gift from the Red Robed House.

Next the Elder of the White Tower stepped Forward. “Erindale, may wisdom never allude you, in your great duties your decisions may have lasting consequences, may you be able to see them and judge wisely, We from the House of the White gift you on this holy day with the Wisdom of the gods” this time the White robed mages within to room began to sing, their voices joining the low chants of the Red Robes. The Elder of the White Robes joined his Red Robed Peer in touching Erindales forehead and allowed the magic to flow into the young mage.

Finally the Blackrobe Master, Fistdadilus stepped forward. “Welcome brother” he said and slowly he reached out and touched the forehead of the newest advisor “Even amongst elves our lives are too short, we haven’t the time to focus truly on our people and see the whole picture. On this our holy day we of the house of Black offer you this gift. May the calling of the undying lands never outweigh your duty towards our people, so long as Black Robe still lives, we shall humbly accept the call on your behalf” with the Black Robes began to sing out, joining their brothers from the other houses in song, magic freely flowed throughout the room and was channeled through the three high wizards into Erindale. And then it was done.

“Step forward Erindale, and accept your proper place at my right hand”. Again the room filled with cheers as Erindale took his first fateful steps forward.

The elven wizard sat as the Speaker called forth “My Second Councillor has come from the distant seas of Darmonath, may he give us only wisdom during his term, I announce that Drugar Tiomalth from our Aquatic Cousins shall be my Consigliore Deuxons” a roar of applause and cheers came as the aquatic elf arose, and took a seat on the left hand of the Speaker of the Sons.

“And finally for my last noble advisor we have been smiled upon, the Sun and the Stars has spoken and the gods have seen fit to reward and teach their favoured sons and daughters. I announce that as my Consigliore Tresaux we are gifted to receive the Mighty Solar Azazial from the court of Damie.” Again there was a great applause as the doors opened and in came the great angel. She stood tall with her golden bow, and silver sword, her six wings folded behind her made an imposing sight as she strode towards the Speaker and bowed deeply. Erindale saw her smile as the Black robes skirted back, uncomfortable with her mighty aura of good.

“Arise Azazial and take your rightful place” forward she came sitting to the right of Erindale, it is noted here that although the ceremony continued for some time, from the very beginning it is thought that Angel and the Elf Wizard shared a deep connection

End of Chapter 1.


Well, Well, Well….the plot thickens, and opens. An interesting twist.


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