The Longest Ride pt 6

Captain John Randel Sullivan glared at the wild elf, his face was hot, his brows were knitted together with cataclysmic force, his hand clutched the hilt of his sword so tightly he was sure it might shatter in his grasp. How dare she, HOW DARE SHE, how dare she make demands, his son, and a member of his order lay dead before them, with no doubt at all to the murderer and yet this wild elf would come in here and present demands. In the hay day of his order he’d be allowed to skewer this bitch without a second thought, heck before Emberkythe he may have done the same, but things were different now. No matter how angry he got, he still had sixteen other men to tend to, he’d not sacrifice any of them unduly. He took a deep steadying breath and spoke in tones as evenly as he could muster

“She is bound by law now, she will be released with the Baron’s word or a sword, nothing more and nothing less.” He looked to his men and caught Geralds eye, he was shaking his head, John knew what he was getting at, he took another steadying sigh. “If you wish to aid in the captives supervision, so be it, but frankly I do not trust your custody and will not be handing her over to you” he sat straighter in the saddle and braced his feet in the stirrups. He’d be ready when she sprung.

The elf seemed liked a boiling elemental flame of molten rage, her skin barley keeping a fiery onslaught at bay. Her breathing was deep and came in great heaves, her spear spun as she constantly changed her grip channeling and focusing her anger into the weapon itself, willing it to become an avatar of death and mayhem, at last she looked John in the eye, they both knew they would kill one another, the fates had laid this path well

“You have spelled your death then knight,” with that the elf addressed the other riders “Run, or die, the choice is yours” the elf crouched preparing to spring. John did not call to his men, the choice presented was a fair one, he would not release them from duty, but he would not order their death, each man could make his own decision, he’d decided on his and now he would battle.

“WAIT! By the primordials wait! Please Please, just wait!” the ginger came running into the circle, some men raised swords but not struck, they were trained well enough to see this man wasn’t trying a ploy… yet. The ginger locked eyes with the elf and whispered “please… wait?” it was more of a question and request then an order. The elf gave him nothing but a long stare, he accepted it and continued. “You pronounce murder, but you do not know if he is dead…” as he spoke he knelt beside Sam and listened to his chest “we have clerics! Entarez in a surgeon, this is not the time to be handing out sentences and pronouncing crimes, this is the time to assure this man lives!” the ginger bound his hands together and begun to bang on the chest of Sam, as he did water spit from Sam’s mouth, the ginger just increased his pace “Please, let’s at least try to save him, please?”

John stared at the ginger for a long moment, then nodded, he lowered his sword as three men dismounted and ran to assist the Ginger. He locked eyes with the elf for a moment passing a clear message… YOURS has the same fate as HIM. If the elf understood or not he was unsure, she did not move, did not lower her spear, but did not attack either.

* * * * *

Hansel continued banging on the chest of the rider, just as he’d seen Entarez do. He was very sure that the rider was dead, too much time had passed, but that didn’t matter, right now he needed to stall, needed to keep them from killing each other until some of his more words savvy companions could arrive and calm this situation down, until then all he could do was stall and hope, it was then he heard a wonderful sound

“Can someone be able to explain what has happened? Why is Aleu being restrained? What happened to that young man? Does he or anyone else need medical attention? Do we need to get the Matron or YOLO?” it was Ling speaking; the cleric had arrived at last. Hansel did not miss a beat

“YES LING oh by the gods and primordials YES to every one of your questions… YES”



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