The Noble and the Assassin

Raven took a long whiff of the tenderloin stew he was brewing up. One good thing about the cold is it kept things fresh for long periods of time. This was still leftovers from Zanzibars that were kept nice and frozen in his ration bag. he knelt down to start spooning out the stew for himself when there was a knock on the tent pole.
“Come on in!” He called— to his visitor, he had been expecting Lysanne or perhaps Azazeal so was taken a little by surprise when Cecil strided through the tent flap.
“Raven” He greeted with a curt nod. Regardless of were he was the boy never seemed to lose that sense of regality.
“Ah, Alex! Welcome” Raven could sense that no one was listening in but best to use Cecils fake name just in case
“Just Who are you” Cecile questioned without a hint of lead-up. Raven laughed
“strait to the point eh? In what manner are ya asken, I already told ya my name and what I know in relation to yourself.”
“Tell me more from the beginning” Cecil stated still completely strait faced. Raven laughed again.
“That would take more than an evening my friend, It would probably take me the whole trip and then some to tell you my life story.”
“I mean your relation to my house, were did you come in?” Cecil continued. Raven was silent for a long moment, letting the pieces of his memories drift into his minds eye.
“Lets see, it was 31? No 38 generations ago. Your… Ancestor saved my life. Given my line o work I made alot of enemies and back then I was in a bit of a weakened condition.” He let out a little chuckle “Kinda like now actually, anyways they got the jump on me and you know how assassins work when you got surprise on your side the battle is yours. That’s were Arithorn came in. I was bleeden on the ground my enemy about to strike the final blow.” Ravens bardic inflections were beginning to start up as he got deeper into the story. “Just when I thought the end was upon me a brilliant white scimitar blossomed from my enemies chest, he cast one startled glance at in then slid away into the afterlife paying my toll for the Reaper. In his place stood your ancestor Arithorn Tugrur.” Raven paused for a moment a smile on his face as he remembered the scene. “He helped me up and brought me back to his estate to see that my wounds were taken care of. I was allowed to stay for days, weeks in fact until I had made a full recovery. In my time there I learned more about what kind of man he was. Never had I met a kinder noble, he cared about his people looked after his serfs much better than I had ever seen and had a wonderful family. We had many talks in the evenings and I don’t think a single day went by that he didn’t at least mention his peoples interests or new innovative ideas for that matter. Always forward thinking always looking to the future but never lose sense of the present. Quite frankly Arithorn inspired me too. As a thanks to all he had done for me and also out of simple desire to help him achieve his dreams I swore an oath to look after house Tugrur and its descendants until I died or the line fails.” Raven continued.
“Thirty eight generations… We were one of the larger houses back then were we not?” Cecil murmured reflectively lost in the past that had been painted before him.
“I kept an eye on you guys but I had other oaths and other things around the world to see to. I often visited. In fact I’m not sure if you remember but I saw you once before I visited your father Elrad. Your sister couldn’t of been more than a few months old and you were barely a lad” A flash of sadness crossed the bards face when he mentioned Lily but he quickly continued his story" Elrad was alot like Arithorn it was easy to tell he was his descendant. Anyways Elrad seemed to be doing fine so I headed out to Don-Ton to take care of some work." A couple years later I heard that he had died. It was a great lose but I was half the world away knee deep in plots and I wasn’t able to make it back."
“I see” Cecil mused “did Elrad know who you are?”
“He knew I was old and he knew that I was there as a guardian of sorts. We were good friends but he never asked further than that. He was a great man it was a shame he died when he did.” Raven sighed, so much death of late.
“He dreamed of rebuilding house Tugrur but a dream is all that will ever be now” Cecils tone was melancholy.
“What makes you think that, you’re still alive aren’t you?” Raven asked looking directly at Cecil.
“My father failed to bring the house back to its former glory, but it was myself who saw it die.” Cecil lamented gazing away, pain in his eyes reflected in the quiet firelight.
“The line still lives doesn’t it? Are you dead? You’re here, you can still rebuild it. I gotta tell you somethin, Arithorn, his descendants, especially your father, they had something I never saw in any nobles before, and you got that too. I’ve seen it in you. Houses can be rebuilt, lands retaken, the true power of you house is still there, its you. Tugrurs flesh and blood.” Raven paused for a moment still looking at the young noble conviction set in his green eyes “And I’m here too, your line hasn’t failed I’ll be more than happy to help you rebuild when the time comes.” For a long while they simply stood Cecil deep in contemplation Raven tending to the fire. Finally Cecil spoke
“If the house is to be rebuild the church must be dealt with first” There was a quiet conviction in Cecils voice.
“Again we share a goal Cecil I gotta a bone with the church as well, I think we all do so looks like we’ll be working together on that too.” Raven said a small smile crossing his face. Cecil nodded and turned to leave.
“Good then, it was nice to get some of this out in the open. I think we shall talk more, but now I have much to think about.” He strided to the edge of tent. In the doorway he paused “Raven, what comes with great power?” He asked without turning around. Without hesitation or looking up Raven answered.
“Duty? Duty to what?” Cecil asked
“The Ideal that you acquired it for, The People who helped you achieve it, and to Protect those without it.”
Cecil nodded and was gone.

“Duty is heavier then a mountain, death is lighter then a feather.” Raven mumbled to himself.


Coordinately written by Misha and Ely

The Noble and the Assassin

I sense wheel of time phrasing here…at least that is where i heard the last part

The Noble and the Assassin

I knew some one would appreciate that last line :) a tribute to a great writer

The Noble and the Assassin

ah, good old al’Lan Mandragoran

The Noble and the Assassin

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