The Panoptic Labratory of Enlightenment

Master Gery Windston looked up from the final drawings and smiled, it was perfect. Avatar Hansel had told him to create plans for a worthy place of learning and this would be it, truley a Master Piece, something that anyone could look at and know that higher thought had been placed to illuminate Argyle’s darkest hours.

The Laboratory would be three stories, build with white marble columns following a Neo Classical Style, something Gery had always been a fan of back in Corus


he looked through the plans seeing drawing and designed for a few of the following rooms

Apprentice Alchemy laboratory – 3 separate labs created, each containing two full alchemists’ labs, common ingredients and basic books.

Henchmen’s quarters – rough quarters to sleep 6, a shared washroom, bathing facility and kitchen/common area. the grounds would need to be kept, a couple guards would be required, and here they would provide homes for these fine individuals

Lecture Hall – Hall can seat fifty with panoramic seating and stage equipped for alchemy, and lectures at front. the high ceilings marked with artisit murals would allow the speakers voice to carry to all the students there in.

Cages and holding pens – rooms where creatures under study are kept, or devil prisoners can be studied in saftey

Operating theaters – operating tables, scalpels and saws, designed more for training than long term serious surgery. With teh return of clerics there is a risk of the art of Doctoring disappearing, Gery thought it was key to continue to understand anatomy and continue our research into the bodies of our allies, and enemies.

Apprentice’s chambers – 7 chambers to be created to start, each has two bedrooms, a single small kitchen, greeting area/shared study room and washroom.

Observatory – telescope, astrological charts, hymns to those beyond the stars, this large towers room can hold up to ten and is to learn of the science of the heavens

Masters Laboratory – Rare ingredients, finest of equipment, rarest or restricted books
Storerooms – large rooms to hold vials, flasks, dry goods, oils inks and other equipment’s

Masters Chambers – Three such chambers would be created in hopes of new masters learning soon. Large bedrooms, with washroom and bathing facilities, a greeting room, study, and small kitchen as well.

Chapel – A small Chapel to Kelezandri, meant to hold twenty with a small apartment attached for the cleric who maintains it.

he ran his hand through his hair, envisioning this master piece. The Avatar had told him that the humans of this time were not so long lived. he would decreased the standard ten year apprenticeship to a six year curriculum giving savants an option to challenge as they saw fit.

Any were to be welcome within this new house of learning, but he was to arrange that Kelezandri’s faithful would have their tuition covered by the church…

He was eager, there was so much to show and share with the Avatar, he paced his quarters awaiting for Hansel to return and give him the OK to put people to work and construct one of the most beautiful buildings in all of Argyle.



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