Troubles with Being a Good Guy Pt 1

To: Her Majesty Queen Selwyn Sudari Giant-Slayer of Clan Morgrain, First of Hithiulum and Archon of Good

From: His Grace, Duke Roger of the House of Conte, Master of the Tower of Conte, Prime Minister of Corus and mankind.


I would like to take this opportunity to express my regret that we were unable to see more of each other over the past few years. It is my understanding that you had business to conduct overseas, but please know your presence and delightful smile was indeed missed at court.

Pleasantries aside I do have important purpose behind my quill and it is my hope that the information here in will be kept in your strictest confidence. As you are likely aware the coming cataclysm looms ever nearer. Already we have sent teams to the arctic to scout locations for potential new homes. As we look deeper into this issue we have discovered unsettling news, the fact that we will be unable to send everyone to this new land. Between the timing, magical resources involved in sustained living, the transportation of people and supplies and the number of resources we have on hand to achieve this, the country of Corus will only be able to send 1/3rd of our people. Or 933,331 individuals. Of this the King has decided that 311,111 individuals will be personally selected by the crown to come to the new land, this will account for deeds and loyalties and families of those who may have to make sacrifices in order to save countless others. That still leaves some 622,222 individuals who will need to be selected. Right now we are looking to form a selection committee which will have the unfortunate job of selected who should get to come and who will be left behind. It is my belief that the majority of these peoples selected should stem from the trades, mercantile and peasant class. The Crown can select whatever nobles it likes, but we will need a working population if we are to have any chance of thriving in a new land.

At this time I would like to offer you a seat on this selection committee, you very blood discludes you from being anything less than compassionate, and the fact that you are a visitor with no oaths binding you to any noble’s means that you will be viewed by the masses as unbiased. Your aid in this enormous task would be taken as a personal favour to the Crown and to the land of Corus, and favour that will not ever be forgotten. Our committee shall meet on the first of Planting this year, and begin the process of how to inform the public and discuss what systems we need in place.

Graciously thanking Her Majesty,

Duke Roger of Conte



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