V.A Day Pt 3

Varrick looked up from his desk in Rehume and sighed, still so much to do and so little time. He finished scribing the final copy of his letter to be sent out

Nobel Leaders of Tukin, The Dwarven Stronghold, North Hutt, Pelegious, The Fire Nation, High Port, Crymeeria, Chistles Point and Don-Ton.

I write this as we come into our days of victory. Rehume moves forward to recognise the Hero’s of the Dark Invasion Wars, and proposes that an Art Commission be created to recognise Hero’s both living and dead, and create statues, murals, tapestry’s and carvings to be placed in each major city, reminding us for generations to come of our bond through these hard times. The art is to be heroes of the war efforts and not specifically religious in nature, thus only public city grounds and buildings will be used, any art for churches can be commissioned by individual churches, I have no interest in debating religion whilst trying to honour our departed. Rehume is willing to provide artists, working space and funds towards this endeavor, if your city would like to have members on the art commission please let me know and we will make the necessary arrangements. So far here are a few of the Heroes we would like to recognise, and the type of art to be commissioned, please note I am starting with our dead first then moving to the living, in no way is this order to be taken as a ranking of worth for the heroes. I am sure there are many more to be added but here is our list to start




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