What just happened

We had gone to Don Pedro’s. Montague made an agreement to get assistance from him. They hired 45 mounted men and hired Order of the Shield, 60 guys + 1 commander. His daughter once saved would be sent to safety in Denithelia. There is something in the vault below the pond at Montague’s, maybe some kind of creature or portal? They had Cece for some kind of sacrifice? We went to Montague’s manor. We managed to free his daughter Cece and William and Cece left towards Don Pedro’s on my dogsled. We went to his study and looked for evidence. We found: 2 scroll tubes with 2 force punch and 1 rain of frogs, ice crystal teleport, cursed earth, book with a gold clasp, 5 small blue candles, amulet with a teardrop sapphire, a belt, 2 heavy tombs red and purple. There was a secret room above the study. It had 4 chests with 4 bronze dragon eggs.

We defeated Skylar but let him live, bound and injured. We should not have done that, he escaped. We left with the eggs but we encountered Oramus in the stairway/entryway. Oramus Cullen looks like a half-elf but then he turned into an evil dragon. He almost killed all of us. We were damaged from the fight with Skylar. Oramus killed Gavis.

He killed Gavis. He had died an honourable death. She had not wanted to leave him behind. He saved the rest of them and gave them the time we needed to escape. He had been very brave. She had not known him long but she would miss him.

They managed to escape out the window. She and Sam managed to ride off on horses. Fox flew away with some of the eggs. Salar managed to escape on a horse and found another rider as well. Vavel had escaped as well. She and Sam had managed to escape on horses and were headed towards Don Pedros to hopefully meet up with the others. Then Oramus started attacking the town, presumably looking for the eggs. She prayed that her companions would be alright and she would meet up with them as soon as possible. They needed to do something to help save Musteegra from Oramus.

Dragon over village



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