What Would Bryan Boytano Do? Pt 1

Bryan Boytano of the Fightin Banana Slugs, 3rd Dact Axes. He wiped the sweat from his brow. His unit was separated from the rest of the company. They had been doing a patrol through the lower east end of Pelaigus, many Dactylians had taken up lodging there, and they were their mostly to maintain order. Well it appeared that there had been some sort of Ice Devil skulking in the area as well, praying off those who wandered to far from sight. An unlucky maiden had come across the creature, the creature likely would have killed her outright is several Banana Slugs hadn’t been right there, it held the women hostage and ran from the city into the jungle to the nearby hills.

Good Old Captain Gombe was having none of that, the Fighting Banana Slugs stayed hot on the creature tail, splitting into units of ten and fanning out to try and cut off escape of the creature. Bryans unit had been the first to catch up to the beast, it held a cruel claw to the young maidens throat, she was holding it together well all things considered, quiet but tears of fear streaming down her face. The Sergeant was trying to talk to the blasted creature; likely stalling for time, the beast was having none of it. it pounced forward and with a horrific slash killed a Rolly, a private to Bryans left.

“Hithlums Nards” the Dact Axemen swore throwing down his shield and diving at the Devils arm, he connected and held on with all his might. His weight kept the devil from killing the maiden… The fiend roared a terrible roar, Bryan gnashed his terrible teeth and bit the creature with all his might. He felt the creature stagger, his loyal comrades had mimicked his attack, if there was one things the Banana Slugs knew how to do it was hold their own in a bar brawl… he chuckled remember the captains words and knowing that even if they applied they had not been meant in this way

“Make the fight your own, own your battle and you shall win”

Well, this was their fight, he crawled over putting the devil into a half nelson, as his comrades in arms pinned the creatures legs, and arm. Being relieved from his hold as two more Dactylians pinned its other arms, Bryan turned to his sergeant.

“Sarg, I need a mouthful of your special brew, Ike, light it up” catching on the sergeant pulled a flask and passed it to Bryan; he took a deep swig as private Ike lite a candle and held it up. Bryan walked to the pinned Ice Fiend, and spit the brew through the candle into the creatures face. The fire ball scorched the hell fiend taking the last of the fight from the creature. A roar of triumph rose from the men. They’d done it, the slain the beast and saved the maiden fair… Go Fightin Banana Slugs



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