Bakuya Haven-guard

A white Raven master smith


In the mysts where worlds blur and planar boundaries touch their live a small group of elves. Making their home in the fog choked forests of the boundary lands where whats real is decided by what is more believed. It was hear that Bakuya Grew up. named from a vision her mother had of an ancient far away land. Her serenity and grace were outwardly impeccable even for elves but she yearned for something that would make her soul shiver something that would reach through the mists that clouded her soul like her home forest. she found that in forging. the elven smithing techniques of silver steal and starlight were fascinating to her and she attacked her apprenticeship with an obsessive vigor. during this time she discovered a unique property of her craft she found that the mists that clouded her soul could be infused into her weapons purifying them strengthening them and linking them to individuals or herself. it was through cultivating this technique that she became known as the first soul forger of her people. mixing it with the elven style of forge craft she formed a hybrid that earned her the reverence of her whole small community. For the first time her people wanted to contact the other elves and share the great secrets one of their own had unlocked. thus she journeyed forth out of the mists into the solid places of argyle. only to find an invasion had begun. cut off from her people and her destination she was forced to take refuge in a small city by the coast

and this is were their paths converge

Kanshou and Bakuya met in this small town in a shelter by the docks. Bakuya had never seen a dwarf and Kenshou had never seen an Elf so their mutual attraction to the unknown sparked their friendship in the dank cellars of the invasion. In time they discovered their mutual talent in smithing and that friendship blossomed further. they began making weapons for the resistance and the effect was tide turning. combining thier two alredy hybrid techniques they were able to make weapons of such quality that the resistance was becoming able to hold back the endless invasion with them the town was made safe and walls were erected. the small coastal town became a bastion of hope as argyle was overrun it was in thes hope filled years that freindship bloomed into love and the two smiths souls became as mingled as thier craft was. but alas the attention of a deamon general was peaked by this small town and seeing his advances defied made him hunger for the power within those shaky walls. sending a ful organized attack force he crushed the defense and seized the two smiths responsible for the resistance. Seeing the quality of their work he ordered them under pain worse than death to create two master blades for him. for decades they toiled on the blades years of horror but no torture as that would interfere with their abilities. When at long last the blades were complete the deamon general laughed and took them ordering that the two smiths hands be severed so that they may never smith again that thes two dark blade would be the last thing they ever made and they would live forever in torment knowing that. as the demons began to circle preparing to bring the two of them to the torture wracks for reconditioning Raven intervened. he had been on his way back from rescuing Finaggin sneaking through one of the many strongholds near the front line when he had heard their crys of pain. With some effort he managed to liberate them and bring them to the safety of one of his many hideaways. but the two were demoralized the demon generals words had been all too true and they were not sure they could live with the idea of what they had created being the last thing they ever did. upon probing for the making of the blades Raven discovered that they had place a subtle curse on the weapons that in the darkest hour they would betray their wielder for the light. but the solace was hollow as they were now deprived of the craft that made both their souls sing. Raven thought on their plight for days in between helping finnagen regain his strength. thinking of a way he might give them back what had been stolen. he finally arrived at a solution and weeks later left them in the care of an old friend while he gathered the materials for their restoration. it was only fitting that their own passion be what restored their gifts to them. for Bakuya he forged hands out of living stone collected from the halls of her husbands clan. for Kanshou he created hands out of living wood gathered from the misty forest of his wife’s childhood. On the night of the new moon he gifted them with their new tools fashioning them to the two lovers in the same bonding ritual and granting them their powers of creation once again. The two now apprentice under raven as smiths helping him with his creations in return for learning the old feys countless smithing techniques.

Bakuya Haven-guard

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