Catalina Thelesaa

Luciles Duaghter and powerful Elven mage


Insperation song


Witnessing the pain and hardship her mother had to do through Catalina went the rode of the altruist much to her mothers anxiety. Catalina believed that if she could convince people that there were people that cared fro them without any alterior motives Argyle would become a haven of happy people. Given how nieve this appeared to a streetwise mother like Lucile. There were more than a few clashes of outlooks and philosophies growing up. Though never fully discouraging the attitude Lucile did everything in her power to teach Catalina the concept of wariness and caution with only limited success. Ravens visits didn’t help much as he called people like her hope kindlers that stoked the flame of compassion wherever they went. he called her outlook a treasure of the world and that as long as she found good friends she would be fine. Though happy for the praise of her daughter Lucile was more than a bit frustrated by Ravens encouragement of the reckless behavior. She didn’t want to see her daughter hurt like she had been and this attitude was just a setup for such hurt. “the difference is that she has someone to look out for her. someone to run to when she is hurt someone look after her when she is weakened. She has you Lucile. She has a mother who loves her.” With that he departed in the infuriating way he doas after saying things like that.

Around puberty Catalinas magical talent began to manifest much to her joy and wonder. It was then that Lucile explained about how elves were intrinsically tied to magic though she could only instruct her a small amount in the actual use of magic. Lucile’s powers seemed to come innately and she had no idea how to teach Catalina how to control the forces of the arcane. Catalina seemed to treat it like a craft activity sculpting magic as one would sculpted clay or do beading. Over the years she became quite adept at it and according to the snippets Lucile picked up from her clients Catalina was capable of casting all the way up to the ninth circle. weather that was do to the abnormal circumstances of her birth of an innate talent in her blood it was a truth and those powers would greatly help her and her mother in the upcoming years of hardship.

Catalina was devastated to see all the suffering that came with the Demon invasion and had it not been for brooks intervention she might have gotten herself killed defying the demons recklessly.

The fast bond she formed with brook kept her calm during the years she spent at the temple with her mother and Xillian. knowing that alone they didn’t stand a chance against the invasion and that they had to wait for the right time to act in order to help the world she patiently waited honing her craft so that one day it might bring happiness back to the people of argyle.

Catalina Thelesaa

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