Chistle Retta Armorpriest

A Master Smith of Dwarf Gate and head of the Armorpriest House


This three hundred and sixty seven year old Master Armor Smith has long held to the dwarven traditions, she has reached an age where she has been deemed a Chistle, which is loosely translated to honoured elder. Although her Son Iven speaks often for the dwarven entourage, Retta has final say in all dwarven matters, she is stern with wisdom beyond her years, but has trouble working directly with the elves or orcs, she finds it hard to let go of old feuds as it is often said they protect a family from future betrayals.


the Armorpriest heraldry is a red shield with a grey mailed fist in the center

Retta as the elder of the clan has a gold gilded fist as her personal standard, though she rarely uses this distinction.

Chistle Retta Armorpriest

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