A Young Bronze Dragon


A bronze dragon born prematurely, he has no front legs, Glaedr has an outward anger towards the world, he tends to be sullen and keep to himself, he also tends to be quick with barbed comments, his dragon pride being wounded he takes offense much easier then most

Glaedr keeps to the shadows and works hard to hide his deformity. he is very proud and will be hostile towards anyone who thinks him less then perfect.

He has also seen most of his rookery mates murdered at the hands of outsiders, although he fights hard in his quests to defeat devils and deamons alike, he fights them on his terms and no one elses


He encountered Ling Mai and Sacchio in the forest one day and was debating whether to eat them or not when he noticed her holy symbol of Asier. He has a special connection to Asier as he believes she helped him and his brothers and sisters survive their hatching. He is currently a cohort of Ling Mai. He also allows her to ride on his back on occasion.

He has knowledge of “The Invasion.”


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