Hansel Smith

He's so hot right now..


Alchemist (9)
Ifirit (Human/Fire Elemental)
5’5", 137lbs
Ginger hair, bronzed skin


One night a local lord known for his love of debauchery was holding a celebration of the summer solstice and decided to put on a spectacle; he had gated in a elemental from the plane of fire to perform gratuitous sexual acts on a stage all night with a variety of local prostitutes (and one or two volunteers from his guest list).

Hansel’s mother, Karen, was one woman who was offered the job, and with it a tidy sum in gold, enough to keep her off the streets for years with careful spending as well as a gold ring that would protect her from being burnt alive by the passions of the elemental.

Believing that the elemental would be a djinn and that if she managed to get with child her offspring may carry on its powers of granting wishes she gladly agreed to be part of the nights entertainment. The night came and went and thanks to a potion of fertility she had taken before the event she was with child.

From the moment of his birth Hansel seemed a disappointment to his mother, not looking much like his father, no seeming mystical powers aside from a natural protection from fire, and certainly no wishes granted.

Having banked on her child’s future powers she found herself broke and on the streets working again, but the few years of not taking care of herself and indulging as if she was forever rich had left her less desirable then she had been in her youth and surly to boot. Times became hard, they moved to the slums and she worked in less and less favourable neighbourhoods until one day when Hansel was 5 she was taken during a job and murdered, likely for the little coin she had made that day.

Hansel lived on the street with the urchins for a year, living from scraps of food, garbage and handouts until fate finally smiled on him. While skulking about by a smithy he saw something glowing and mushroom shaped roll out of the door way from the forge. Thinking it food and nearly delirious from hunger he dove for it and picked it up and tried to bite down on it only to find it was a softened glowing red hot rivet. The Smith went from yelling in fear that this child was going to seriously harm himself to sheer surprise as the child not only snatched it up without apparent pain but even tried to eat it before he could be stopped.

Hansel was soon brought into the smithy as an apprentice thanks to his resistance to heat and flame and though he was never overly strong his quick hands and sharp mind were still of use to the smith. Three years he worked with the smith, helping wherever he could, always afraid he would be put out if he did not do enough. The smith needed only mention something that was bothering him and Hansel would try to find a solution to help. In his 8th year the smith one day exclaimed about the loss in time each day while the forge heats up and sought to find something to make it heat faster, and using a mixture of soot, oils, some guano and various other regents developed a powered fire starter that would bring the forge to full heat in moments. when asked how he did it he could only say it seemed like the mixture would work and should help. Confused how Hansel came up with this seemingly miraculous solution he consulted a alchemist friend in town who confirmed that the boy by pure instinct had concocted a well known flame enhancing formula.

Thus began Hansels transition from smith to alchemist as he was taken on and trained by the alchemist Zev. He learned the basics of formulas, infusions, potions and regents under Zev and found it was much more to his talents then smithing ever was.Soon after Hansel began to learn from Zev, the siege of the Umberlands by the daemon armies began.

Despite the attacking armies and seemingly nonstop work, the 5 years under Zevs tutelidge were the best of his life, and he grew quickly into a skilled alchemist in his own right, but it ended so abruptly on the night the Hellfire Wyrm rained destruction down on the Umberlands.

Hansel and Zev had been at work in their workshop when it began, and a strike nearby was enough to knock about and then ignite some of their reagents nearly immediately incinerating Zev int he flash fire and for the first time in his life, burning Hansel. Fleeing in terror and pain from the burning shop, the city breached by the terrible wyrm, Hansel fled to the evacuation point. While fleeing in panic running over and though burning buildings to avoid being crushed in the crowds he stumbled over a pile of rubble and knocked over a daemon who was about to strike down a prone knight by the name of Sir Garen Roderik.

The knight was able to recover his footing and though injured slayed the daemon and brought the ‘young hero’ with him through the crowds to the evacuation lifts.

All said only 300 odd people made it out through that route and they could not spare time to look for other groups and fled to the south. For 13 years they travelled slowly south looking for shelter or refuge, and though the people tried to stop many times after a while Sir Garen would prod them onward until they found the lake Gelfrie. A large lake perpetually fogged so one cannot see the other side the people began to move not south but around, there was good hunting and fishing and soon the people began to think the lake as a new home despite Sir Garens warnings.

In this time of relative tranquility Hansel spent most of his time with Sir Garen and was one of his closest confidants which many of the people seemed to resent. He did what he could to provide basic cures and infusions, but with limited supplies there was not much he could do fr most of the people.

Of all the things that would fell the great knight, an infection in his hands from baiting a old fish hook eventually took his life. It had progressed too quickly for any medicine they had and with no powered clerics among them and despite all of Hansel’s attempts to help him, Sir Garen passed away not in battle, but in a sick bed.

The people quickly set to appoint a council to decide their fate, no longer having the guidance of the great knight. It was soon decided that they would stay at this lake and simply move camp around it on a regular cycle. When Hansel tried to present Sir Garens wishes to move on he was met with contempt and dismissal.

They knew what they thought was right and were not going to let the old knights (justifiable) fears prod them onward until there was somewhere better to go.

Knowing he would not fit in with anyone else of the survivors and still believing they must move on, Hansel volunteered to go out and bring back word of a place of refuge for the people. He took up the old knights chain shirt, cloak and horse and ventured forth to seek a place in the south for them.

If only Sir Garen had warned him the chain was magnetic.

Hansel Smith

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