Leneus Emberhail


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Many fey are seen as either tricksters or serene creatures from a foreign realm. Leneus sees himself as a storm. The Thunder of dancing hooves the winds of revelry and the torrential downpour of joyous intoxication. If this life is the realm of summer then he sees himself as a summer thunderstorm carving the vigor and freedom of the fey into all who are caught in his galeful presence. He is an older satyr thus having a little more awareness of consequence though weather he care of this is up to debate among many. Still his empathy for the mortals around him in comparison to other satyrs has gained him popularity among the common folk of Argyle and he is seen like a greater spirit of revelry. his presence is seen as a blessing at festivals he arrives at and some even revere him as a minor deity of festivals and mirth. He by no means discourages this behavior but has no illusions of what he truly is.

Leneus’ Story begins on a less mirthful note like most Satyrs he was an orphan abandoned by a mother who had been woed by his carefree father months before. Yet unlike most Satyr children he was unable to find his way do to the green realm do to it being sealed off for reasons still unknown to him. Shunned and infantile he might have met his end had it not been for a wounded Ghaele By the name of Avacyane stumbling across him. The warrior had been wounded in her ill fated battle with a great evil. defeated and cast down onto argyle she had little to no strength left to return to her realm . Though good Ghaele can hardly be called maternal in their nature and she was caught in between her compassion and inexperience with this aspect of life that usually belonged only to mortals. She took the child under her wing and after a few awkward and confusing days of trying to tend to an infants needs with no knowledge or understanding of them (especially a fey child) she sought help. She wandered from town to town trying to find a mortal that might give her advise on how to raise the child or at the very least find someone who could raise them though that thought was quickly seeming less and less appealing as each passing day saw her growing more attached to the little hooved creature. However those very hooves were what got her turned away by almost everyone no human wanted anything to do with a fey child or their supposed mother. she was near her wits end when she came across an old troubadour on the road who had a abnormally large amount of experience when it came to child rearing. not only that but he also recognized her own wounds and proved to have a suspicious amount of knowledge on how to heal celestials as well. He agreed to help her with both and for the next few years he was a constant companion. Thus Leneus Grew up under the care of a celestial warrior though the bard was often away he did often check on them bringing news and quests that Leneuses foster mother would undertake as soon as she was informed of them. During those times he would be looked after by the bard who told him tales of ancient times and far off lands fueling his wanderlust and broadening his perspective of the vastness of argyle. His mother and his natures clashed like fire and ice and often he found himself in trouble for following his innate nature but her strict knightly raising of this young satyr gave him something his peers lacked. A sense of responsibility and empathy two traits that ran strong in his azatza foster mother. These traits served him well on his life on argyle over years he learned to temper his carefree nature with them and gain vast popularity both among his own kind and the various mortals he encountered in his merry wanderings. He eventually came to know the troubadour as Raven Everlast simply by hearing tales of the bards description in taverns and festivals and in a very unsatyr sort of way oathed to repay him for his kindness. Leneus now wanders the open road dodging demons and bringing hope in the form of revelry to the towns he finds that are free of fiendish domination. Always he looks to the horizon waiting for the day that either of his caretakers should need his assistance.

Leneus Emberhail

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