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Lucile is an elf that elves prefer to forget and for the most part they have. A high elf by blood her family Were advisers to a Human king causing them to live in a large human settlement however she knows little of her parents as they both died before she had memory leaving her only living relative her ailing grandmother who was past her lifespan even for an elf. When Lucile was five (its equivalent in elf years at least) her Grandmother passed leaving her to fend for herself in a merciless human city. For the first few years of her street life she survived by begging and stealing but as she started to develop physically her elven beauty blossomed into maturity and gained her a whole new avenue of survival. Clever but naieve she clumsily struggled through life in the underbelly of the city. she doesn’t remember how old she was when she had her first client but most decent human beings would agree she was too young. Persuaded into addiction used and had at every turn Luciles teenage years were a blur of jading and scars that had her grow up fast and grow wise even faster. By the time she had reached her actual adulthood she was a sturdy, quick, working girl with a knack for reading people and lethal skill with a knife. But along with that came countless scars and traumas that left her hollow and distant. Living day to day simply because survival was an instinct.

It was one fateful day that she came across a dark haired man leaning in an archway reeking of death and feeling of hurt and confusion. It was on this was on this dreary rain-spattered afternoon that Lucile met Raven Everlast. (detailed in Ravens past chapter 2) The connection was instant and unexplainable. like some one had rekindled the light in her soul she wanted to help this stranger even though all her survival instincts told her that that naievity was something she was beyond. But help him she did if only in the way of words. and she came away from their brief meeting feeling like she had made a friend. over the next several decades she met with him often and after each visit she somehow felt a little more alive. It wasn’t until many years after their meeting began that she realized what that feeling was. she had made a friend. not one that would drop her when things went sour or one that had any ulterior motives. someone who simply enjoyed being around her.

Many years after Raven and lucile met complication befell Lucile. She became pregnant. weather the batch of birth control herb she had taken that day had been bad or some other strange misfortune caused it she couldn’t be sure but it was a reality for her regardless. Too late into it to get it removed safely she relented to the idea that she would have to find a way to support a child soon.

It was Raven who helped her deliver the child and Raven that saved the child’s life (Detailed in Ravens past chapter 4) Lucile named the child Catalina. Raven provided Lucile with some funds to make sure she could get back on her feat and take some time off her less than child friendly profession to look after the new born. And then like always he was gone on the wind though worryingly shaky on his feat this time.

Motherhood had a healing effect on lucile and as Catalina matured Lucile found herself smiling a lot more and laughing again something she hadn’t done since she had been little. though she admitedly knew nothing of raising a child she called upon every memory she had of her grandmothers mannerisms and tried to mimic them best she could.

When the demon invasion came Lucile used her knowledge of the underworld to take her and her daughter underground were they survived unharmed for a time but as the city became more and more infested with fiends hiding places became scarce and people became ruthless. Lucile knew they would have to leave soon but too were? A few days after she had that thought a young monk by the name of Brook found them. She said she had been told by Raven that if the worst should happen to come and find them and take them to the safety of the high mountains. Brooks monastary had been overrun but she knew of another one. one guarded by a fearsome creature that would aid them. One of the few survivors of a warrior race known as the Trox. Lucile took the offer on desperation knowing that staying in the city meant death or worse.

Now her Catalina, Brook and the massive guardian of the abandoned temple known as Xillian live in seclusion. sheltered from demon activity by the harsh mountain environment surviving off of the magic that Catalina had a natural talent for and Xillians Survival skills. every day Lucile checks the eastern sky for a raven with a message hoping for any word of her old friends survival.

Lucile Thelesaa

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