Talath Dolfinly Magus of the Arcane Order,


Talath Dolfinly, Magus of the Arcane Order of Don-Ton

Cohort of Reyna V’lgatha

This powerful wizard is a vain gentleman has slanted brown eyes that are like two bronze coins. His silky, straight, brown hair is worn in a style that reminds you of the aurora borealis. He’s got a beard and moustache. He is short and has a boyish build. His skin is tan. He has prominent ears and a pointed chin. His wardrobe is weird and artistic, with a lot of Red and Orange.

A secret worshiper of the great old one, Talath has long served those who can give him power and prestige, he is currently in the employee of Strahd of Don-Ton, but as her cohort was willing to come to Reyna or stay and spy for her. Reyna decided that he would be much more useful to her if his position as cohort was kept a secret from as many people as possible and that he would stay in Don-Ton and spy on Strahd and the goings on in Don Ton as well as have access to information and resources helpful to Reyna V’lgatha and the Church of the Great Old One.


Talath Dolfinly Magus of the Arcane Order,

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