Deals in the Dark 2

“Getting into the dwarven strongholds, while under siege? Difficult… not impossible, though while I do have many soldiers, the vast majority are as of yet inactive. One moment…”
Fletcher leaned back against the wall and took a a bit to do some math.
“I only have a couple hundred units up… Not enough to punch through a full out siege. If we can find any weak points in the surrounding hoards…”
“Aye, I can find some information out, there is the two main ways, overland or the underground passages. Gonna be hard to find out much about the underground.” Yolo said, “Probably over-run with aberants though.”
“Indeed. So, if we can find a way to sneak a smaller group say 200 or so soldiers through… Probably some of the servitors too. MAintenance is important. You would like myself to go along as well I assume. Hmm if we could get some of the others in on this it would be a lot easier. Well either way, I’m in, lets see if we can find out if and how it’s possible, and draw up a plan. We’ll get you home.”
“My thanks lad.”
“No problem Yolo, now, lets see if we can get some of the others on board. It would make things significantly easier if we had some of the other along.”



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