In the Darkness

Selwyn closed the old book carefully. She traced the worn leather edges with her thumbs and tried to make sense of the feelings inside her. Anger, sadness, fear, confusion, …… and……. hope? Somewhere deep down she had always felt a measure of hope. This book did not hold the answers she longed for, it left her with more questions at every reading. And yet she read on, night after night while her companions slept 300 feet below, in the darkness and the silence of the night’s sky where no one could see her fragility, she poured through this frustratingly non-linear accounting of lives she didn’t know and glimpses of the one she wished to know the most.
Selwyn studied the pages with a sense of longing and urgency, wondering how this was meant to help her. Even Eddi was not welcome at these readings, Selwyn knew that the key to her heart’s greatest desire was here somewhere if only she could solve the puzzle, and she could not afford any distractions.
Selwyn wiped the tears from her cheeks. She felt so much frustration and so lost.
She tucked the book back into her shirt, and descended to the camp to sleep.


why is this post hidden? am i missing some significance?

In the Darkness

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