Letter to Ling

Ling Mei,

I pen this on the 5th of Ready’reat for you impatient companion Gleadr. He is impatient to be on his way and I am not yet comfortable with what the town’s folk refer to as… his moods. It saddens me greatly that you have missed Ping san, he would have liked to pen a response himself I am sure, but I know that he will treasure the letter you have sent.

To me it sounds like you have been through a great ordeal, and that many misfortunes plague you on your journeys. This one might query why you would choose such misfortune over a comfortable home, but that would not be my place, so I will remain silent. Sacchio is well, the boy grows stronger each day, He and I spend hours together as I diligently work to school him in his mother tongue and culture, I have found that this bring great happiness to Ping san, and so I am also happy to be of service. I have passed your concerns of he who shall not be named to the Crymeery elders. They did not seem so concerned but did promptly form a committee to discuss the impacts of this; I believe the committee selection process is to being within a fort night. I am sure Ping san will be take the matter with all due seriousness and form a protection strategy, he is both bold and wise in these matters.

As to the other point in your letter, it is due to a recent discovery that Ping-san is not able to correspond with you. Recently he discovered a caravan of Kitsune moving through the area, among them they did seem to hold with the Emperors Ideals, and even had a few marked as Samurai. Ping san decided it was best if he rode out to treat with them. As you were not here I took the honour of aiding him into his armor, no offense is meant to you here, as I am aware the custom normally falls to a loving wife, it was important though that it was done to aid Ping san in his important meeting. He is due back in a weeks’ time.

The second part of your letter appeared to be very intimate, this one apologies both for reading it and for her clumsiness in dropping such an important piece of parchment and allowing it to fall into the fire, sadly it was irreparably damaged. Do not worry though, I will tell him everything that you wished to disclose and assure you the Ping san will feel loved.

It is my understanding that your mission is of the greatest importance, please feel free to do whatever you need to do without worrying for home, I will take care of things here and assure that your family is loved and well taken care of.

With kindest regards

Endo Akiko



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