Judy Norma Adkins, F, Human, 17, aqua – miner

Justine Stefanie Santos, F, Human, 19, aqua – miner

Kathie Frye, F, Human, 22, aqua – miner, Married to Krisopher

Kristofer Domenic Frye, M, Human, 32, aqua – miner Married to Kathie once held his breath for 15 minutes

Leopoldo Marvin Bridges, M, Human, 35, aqua miners, makes up rules of ettiquette “redheads always sit to left”

Ivan Armorpriest, M, Dwarf, 227, Armor Smith, Son of Retta, Leader of Alpha

Erick Benny Garrison, M, Human, 21, Armorer – Apprentice, refers to self in third person

Jocelyn Nichole Aguirre, F, Human, 61, Astrologer, serves Anderson says things profoundly

Alexandra Tania Barber, F, Human, 22, Baker\

Constance Orr, F, Human, 35, Baker, married to Tyler

Leandro Richardson, M, Human, 25, Baker, viglantee

Oswaldo Ray Roth, M, Human, 44, Baker, father of emilia

Tyler Orr M Human 31 Baker married to Constance questions others on how good bread really is

Burton Barnes M Human 47 Barber cheerful always, sings about leeches

Ahagbiil Shadowslayer F Elf 662 Bard/Lore Keeper

Emilia Roth F Human 16 Barmaid daughter of oswaldo

Emilia Sarah Willis F Human 18 Barmaid farts a lot and always bllames the patron

Enid Millicent Fuller F Human 15 Barmaid

Ernestine Kendra Massey F Human 16 Barmaid

Estelle Briana Short F Human 18 Barmaid complains about smells no one else can sense

Ester Fletcher F Human 22 Barmaid constant source of gossip

Eve Theresa Bass F Human 24 Barmaid befuddles names

Florence Ferrell F Human 22 Barmaid has only 1 breast

Weldon Elliott Conrad M Human 56 Barrel maker letcherous

David Castillo M Human 59 Barrister

Lea Rhea Sims F Human 37 basket maker colour blind

Lenore Frieda Franco F Human 27 basket maker

Deidre Mavis Hensley F Human 22 Bather

Diana Myrna Frederick F Human 48 Bather overly sexual in bathing

Tad Josiah Bright M Human 51 bee Keeper married to tamika feels the bee are trying to tell him somthing

Tamika Bright F Human 44 bee Keeper married to Tad

Hankin Grayslayer M Dwarf 102 Black Smith married to Eirua cant stop drinking once he starts

Augustine Gill M Human 25 Black Smith

Charley Zachariah Franklin M Human 36 Black Smith slightly agrophobic

Dwayne Page M Human 47 Black Smith hates the dwarves, they took our jobs

Edwina Jordan F Human 33 Black Smith

Lorrie Karin Higgins F Human 26 Bone Carver

Ina Summer Love F Human 55 Book Binder served the magus (may have been intimate)

Kristen Ford F Human 17 Bower/Fletcher

Lynnette Mcmahon F Human 33 Bower/Fletcher

Minnie Wiley F Human 25 Bower/Fletcher believes all of her bows are magical

Polly Ilene Carroll F Human 38 Bower/Fletcher

Cabyale Goldenage M Gnome 71 bower/fletcher -crossbow Married to Byssa names his crossbows, and insists others use the names

Gmamian Wyrdghost M Gnome 52 bower/fletcher -crossbow

Hhob Axeslayer M Dwarf 215 Breeder – Dogs always has a reason why something wont work

Isreal Rodgers M Human 46 Breeder – Dogs father of jerrold

Jerrold Rodgers M Human 25 Breeder – Dogs son of isreal

Dwayne Hart M Human 44 Breeder – Horses Married to Elinor

Elinor Hart F Human 39 Breeder – Horses Married to Dwayne

Emery M Human 41 Breeder – Horses father of errol thinks his son can do no wrong


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