Baron Elbert Tyree Anderson, M, Human, 55, Yeoman, Married to Audra, Leader of Beta

Baroness or Lady Audra Anderson F Human 39 Lady of Anderson Manor

Opera Howler Anderson F Human 14 Apprentice Bard daughter of Anderson

Danilo Sterling Anderson M Human 22 Sheriff

Marla Renee Little F Human 7 Kid fostered to Anderson

Domenic Wilfredo Alvarado M Human 10 kid fostered to Anderson

Errol Emeryson M Human 22 Breeder – Horses son of Emery does a terrible job

Freda Rodgers F Human 44 Breeder Dogs married to isreal

Gwen Avis Albert F Human 45 Breeder- Dogs

Allison wooten F Human 35 Breeder horses married to Dale

Dale Sanford Wooten M Human 35 Breeder Horses married to Allison

Raymond Bray M Human 61 Breeder Oxen Married to Dawn

Hiwerot Armorpriest F Dwarf 202 Brewer Wife of Ivan

Dawn Bray F Halfling 44 Brewer Marreid to Raymond tells boring stories about her cats, holds beer hostage until story is done

Qakal Ironsoul M Halfling 39 Brewer

Ines Brewer F Human 34 Brewer

Traci Byers F Human 22 Brick Baker

Sunset Slaret F Human 65 Broom Maker is believed to be a witch by children of town

Karl Parker M Human 41 Butcher married to marsha makes the noise of the animal he is butchering while butchering

Marsha Parker F Human 39 Butcher married to karl

Vera Parker F Human 18 Butcher daughter of karl

Donny Myers M Human 19 Butler serves Anderson

Vernon Graig Coffey M Human 38 Button Maker / Tailor

Quchate Ironsoul F Halfling 21 Candle Maker Married to Qakal

Hett Ingottracker M Dwarf 74 Carpenter makes lists and checks things off

Anne Donna Rivera F Human 22 Carpenter

Cole Felton Hood M Human 25 Carpenter hates potatos

Dolores Valerie Holcomb F Human 26 Carpenter

Ellis Baxter M Human 40 Carpenter

Hannah Earlene Powers F Human 35 Carpenter

Laura Noreen Valdez F Human 29 Carpenter

Marsha Katie Jefferson F Human 22 Carpenter

Nettie Ryan F Human 31 Carpenter easily moved to tears

Stella Melton F Human 33 Carpenter

Vickie Stafford F Human 19 Carpenter

Legend Boyer M Human 16 Carpenter – Apprentice son of Landon always tries to be center of attention

Sinner Hunter M Human 19 Cart Wright son of summer

Summer Hunter F Human 44 Cart Wright mother of sinner

Carolyn Adams F Human 39 carter

Cheryl Dorothea Barnett F Human 37 carter


Survival Argyle