Baron Dwight Stan Stein, M, Human, 60, Yeoman, Leader of Charlie

Baronness or Lady Angelina Laurel Stein F Human 39 Lady of Stein Manor

Shirley Barrett Melendez M Human 7 kid fostered to stien

Sophia Parsons F Human 8 kid fostered to stien

Colton Laurence Sharpe M Human 22 carter someone is sabatageing him

Spencer Corey Lindsey M Human 20 carter

Sini Redbite F Halfling 33 Cartographer blames the aberants for every problem

Loraine Butler F Human 21 Cartographer

Hollie Helen Hodge F Human 31 Cartwright

Kelli Myers F Human 45 carver

Latonya Louella Stevens F Human 34 Carver

Marianne Leta Conway F Human 23 Carver

Melissa Concetta Nolan F Human 32 Carver

Lesley Milo French M Human 20 cheesemaker son of lizzie hates cheese

Lizzie Anita French F Human 38 cheesemaker mother of lesley

Sallie Rojas F Human 37 Chest Maker

Joshua Lenny Hyde M Human 50 Cleric of Dranu didn’t save the Lords Life apologieses constantly

Madge Blake F Human 45 Clothier

Margery Dianna Ellison F Human 54 Clothier

Marilyn Bethany Coleman F Human 34 Clothier

Pauline Sherrie Terrell F Human 33 Clothier

Shelly Mariana Phillips F Human 31 Clothier very supersitious will go to elberote means to protect herself

Stephanie Goodwin F Human 20 Clothier

Thelma George F Human 27 Clothier

Vera Gibbs F Human 26 Clothier

Wind Madfate M Human 25 Clothier

Alma Gibson F Human 43 Cook

Angeline Vang F Human 23 Cook

Bessie Doreen Hester F Human 17 Cook

Cherry Amber Lambert F Human 25 Cook

Deidre Stevens F Human 26 Cook looses her utensils all the time

Isabella Marquita Higgins F Human 22 Cook

Kyle Wes Meadows M Human 21 Cook

Lenore Rosario F Human 36 Cook

Magdalena Mccarthy F Human 34 Cook

Marquis Garth Gibson M Human 37 Cook

Rork Lodehunter M Dwarf 74 Cook/Tavern Keep sniffs and tastes things

Jason Mueller M Human 33 Cutler married to justine

Justine Mueller F Human 33 Cutler married to jason

Sheena Doreen Cannon F Human 17 dairy maid drop dead gorgeous

Valerie Gutierrez F Human 15 dairy maid

Cyril Jamar Wheeler M Human 34 Deputy sheriff

Darius Quentin Mcbride M Human 26 Deputy sheriff

Luz Gygax F Human 42 Dice maker minatureist excrescent to the extreme


Survival Argyle