Chief Kirany Ironheart M Orc 65 Warrior , Privy Council member, Leader of Ent

Opera Godslayer F Elf 212 Fisher

Alisha Hattie Weber F Human 35 Fisher

Alton Moses M Human 34 Fisher wont make decisions

Cedric Simon Singleton M Human 33 Fisher

Delia Jacquelyn Foster F Human 32 Fisher

Forest Hinton M Human 21 Fisher asks for advice for everything

Eraslaan Fighterruler M Elf 199 Fisher / Painter wishes he could paint full time

Dlal Stoneender M Dwarf 65 Food Maker/Preserver

Vindeena Marbleton F Dwarf 146 Food Maker/Preserver

Drake Goldcomet M Halfling 43 Food Maker/Preserver married to jabby gossip

Jaby Goldcomet F Halfling 43 Food Maker/Preserver married to drake gossip

Cristina Durham F Human 23 Forester

Delores Cooke F Human 29 Forester

Ronald Beau Olson M Human 35 Forester

Stefanie Baird F Human 28 Forester rosation – blushes all the time

Genevieve Valencia F Human 48 Furrier

Lahregl Ivoryfinder F Elf 371 Gardener bonded to Radatood

Hedgecrow F Leshy Fungi 19 Gatherer distrustful of others Beast 3 179

Mancoid M Leshy Fungi 18 Gatherer nevous of outsiders Beast 3 179

Toothseed F Leshy Fungi 16 Gatherer Beast 3 179

Rarna Vaultender F Dwarf 268 Geologist constatnly explains what she is doing to everyone

Byssa Goldenangel F Gnome 200 Glass Blower

Louise Tamera Whitley F Human 44 Glazier

Kristi Herminia Phelps F Human 35 glover

Madeleine Wynn F Human 17 Groom

Maggie Bowen F Human 16 groom serves stien

Marcella Russell F Human 13 Groom serves High Chance talks about how special she is to serve the high steward

Broderick Peters M Human 29 Guard Serves Stien hates gnomes

Denver Elmer Mcdonald M Human 32 Guard serves Anderson has a crush on delorse cooke, to afraid to ever do anything though

Johnathon Dominic Keller M Human 23 Guard Serves Anderson

Kenny Beasley M Human 24 Guard serves High Chance

Mai Johns F Human 21 Guard serves High Chance

Michel Lamont Avery M Human 23 Guard serves stien

Son Beasley M Human 18 Guard serves High Chance

Willis Villarreal M Human 30 Guard serves High Chance


Survival Argyle