Emas or Captain Jericho Watcher, M, Half Elf, 42, Captain of Militia, Leader of Fox

FunGuy M Leshy Fungi 19 Guardian

Alderbranch M Leshy Leaf 25 Guardian the leader

Gladelm F Leshy Leaf 20 Guardian Beast 3 179

Jack Timber M Leshy Leaf 17 Guardian loves to joke Beast 3 179

Constance Oliver F Human 18 Herald

Radatood Sunmaker M Elf 353 Herbalist bonded to Lahregl

Melody Brand F Human 52 herbalist haggles over everything

Modesto Percy Barron M Human 44 herblist

Mystanna Watcher F Half Elf 22 herder daughter of Jericho

Angelia Pamela Pate F Human 56 Herder

Booker Reid M Human 55 Herder

Chi Sykes M Human 47 Herder

Danny Milford Morrow M Human 45 Herder loves golf

Dewayne Toney Russo M Human 13 Herder

Dianne Pauline Gibson F Human 17 Herder

Dona Jacqueline Clements F Human 35 Herder

Elvis Hosea Buckner M Human 33 Herder

Eula Pope F Human 26 Herder bets on everything

Gary Bond M Human 21 Herder

Ines Donaldson F Human 31 Herder

Marie Burt F Human 37 Herder

Neva Peck F Human 20 Herder

Olive Holmes F Human 22 homemaker married to lonnie

Edge Wanderlust M Halfling 44 Interpurter/ Scribe

Hupriab Tailmaster M Elf 121 Jewler feels they should have abondoned the humans

Nikki Dorthy Moreno F Human 24 jewler

Tommy Ross M Human 39 Lamp Wright

Brett Gilmore M Human 38 Leather Worker sucidal, fear of pain looking for painless death, compuslive need to test

Cassie Letitia Mann F Human 37 Leather Worker

Christi Gilmore F Human 15 Leather Worker

Concetta Ivy Vaughan F Human 31 Leather Worker known to sleep around with outriders


Survival Argyle