Stefanie Lancaster f Human 42 Quarter Masters, Leader of Idel

Antonio Wilkinson M Human 34 Parchmenter nervous and sweaty all the time

Quentin Ruiz M Human 69 piss prophet

Cody Ramiro Wong M Human 24 Porter serves Anderson

Collin Bonner M Human 18 Porter serves High Chance

Elvis Joyner M Human 19 Porter serves Landon

Ervin Ford M Human 30 Porter serves stien

Fermin Quinton Flores M Human 22 Porter serves stien

Forest Pat Sanchez M Human 20 Porter serves High Chance

Franklyn Guillermo Todd M Human 33 Porter serves Anderson

Franklyn Holman M Human 36 Porter

Lena Foley F Human 22 Potter writes name on every pot

Moshe Lamar Horn M Human 31 Potter

Roberta Rachael Mcmillan F Human 19 Potter

Toby Fitzgerald M Human 20 Potter

Lynn Gus Hicks M Human 37 Quarter Masters

Penny Church f Human 41 Quarter Masters

Sanford Sheldon Buckner M Human 44 Quarter Masters

Jamar Phillips M Human 29 Roofer

Eirua Grayslayer F Dwarf 89 Rope Maker wife of hankin

Kirsten Hilda Harmon F Human 31 rug maker

Josefina Grant F Human 33 sailor

Angelia Deloris Bentley F Human 18 Salt Boiler

Audrey Natalie Ellison F Human 28 Salt Boiler

Clash Kingsinner M Half Orc 18 Scout claw twin always backs his brother

Claw Kingsinner M Half Orc 18 Scout clash twin tosses coin to decide things

Francesca Mosley F Human 28 scribe serves stien

Gabrielle Cote F Human 27 scribe serves High Chance

Gale Shroud F Human 26 scribe serves Anderson

Lucien Mathews M Human 29 Scribe serves High Chance

Ingrid Maura Hinton F Human 25 Sculpter – Clay


Survival Argyle