Maxim Windcult M, Halfling, 48, Shoe Maker whistles all the time, Leader of Jabberwockee

Jacquelyn Mcintyre F Human 32 Sheepsheer

Jeannie Darlene Cohen F Human 33 Sheepsheer

Allyson Juliana Schmidt F Human 35 Ship Wright

Antonio Cotton M Human 19 Ship Wright – Apprentice

Bobby Rodrigo Stephenson M Human 18 Ship Wright – Apprentice

Icon Dragoncaster M Human 30 Shoe maker

Keisha Hurley F Human 45 Shoe maker

Benito Irving Hatfield M Human 38 Silver Smith

Cara Alvarado F Human 28 Silver Smith pacafist

Rarar Oathson M Dwarf 276 Stone Cutter

Inez Terrell F Human 25 Stone Cutter

Dominic Snyder M Human 14 Street Sweeper retarded

Ripply Pinko F Gnome 75 Tailor

Cathisas Coldilk F Halfling 28 Tailor

Gregg Renato Nguyen M Human 31 Tanner

Hallie Pace F Human 33 Tanner

Gavin Trent Buck M Human 48 Tavern Owner

Landon Ivory Boyer M Human 45 Tavern Owner Father of Legend

Audrey Tate F Human 42 upholsterer

Bobbi Garcia M Human 25 upholsterer

Rhea Ruth Phelps F Human 40 veterinarian

Rosa Tabitha Lindsay F Human 15 veterinarian prohpscies deaths of animals every time

Calvin Rodolfo Duncan M Human 33 vintner

Munigaze Priderip F Orc 55 Warrior

Jana Dillard F Human 55 Washer

Janet Bobbi Sharpe F Human 43 Washer

Lorrel Ladyreaper F Human 32 Washer

Nina Estes F Human 18 Washer

Rebecca Kathrine Spence F Human 16 Washer

Sheryl Rocha F Human 14 Washer says it is known all the time

Frank Danilo Carroll M Human 24 Weapon Smith only makes spears… will not try anything else

Giovanni Walters M Human 36 Weapon Smith

Lamar Angel Fernandez M Human 47 Weapon Smith

Lane Grant Saunders M Human 50 Weapon Smith

Leland Mckay M Human 34 Weapon smith

Herb Mendoza M Human 26 Weapons Smith

Kabyat Prideclaw F Gnome 122 Weaver

Jabyat Fatespirit F Halfling 35 Weaver

Bruno Morrow M Human 24 Weaver

Mocoenys Rednight M Dwarf 42 Wheelwright

Adrienne Carolina Howell F Human 45 Wheelwright has a bad cough thinks his end is near

Harriett Cantu F Human 23 Wheelwright


Survival Argyle