School conjuration (healing); Level cleric/oracle 7, witch 8; Domain divine 7, resurrection 7

Components V, S, M (diamond worth 10,000 gp), DF


This spell functions like raise dead, except that you are able to restore life and complete strength to any deceased creature. Also creatures of no declared faith or of a faith sympathetic to the casters who are not faith based casters themselves may have a percentage chance of being raised that is equal to double the level of the caster of the spell. Note that sacrifices and appeals to certain deities may improve this percentage chance, as well as a commitment from the soul to worship the deity upon being raised.

The condition of the remains is not a factor. So long as some small portion of the creature’s body still exists, it can be resurrected, but the portion receiving the spell must have been part of the creature’s body at the time of death. (The remains of a creature hit by a disintegrate spell count as a small portion of its body.) The creature can have been dead no longer than 10 years per caster level.

Upon completion of the spell, the creature is immediately restored to full hit points, vigor, and health, with no loss of prepared spells. The subject of the spell gains one permanent negative level when it is raised, just as if it had been hit by an energy-draining creature. If the subject is 1st level, it takes 2 points of Constitution drain instead (if this would reduce its Con to 0 or less, it can’t be resurrected).

You can resurrect someone killed by a death effect or someone who has been turned into an undead creature and then destroyed. You cannot resurrect someone who has died of old age. Constructs, elementals, outsiders, and undead creatures can’t be resurrected.


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