Talib – A tall man wearing grey robes, always seen with a white staff, he is tan skinned and has a well manicured goatee, he appears in this form most often to humans

Nevrast – A thin elderly dwarven Matron, often depicted with a a small crown similar to an aged chief she is the goddess of Law, Nobility, Heroism, Tactics and War

Sindar – A very tall dark haired elf, depicted in a grey dress often dancing under starry skies she is the goddess of Arcane, Revolution, Moon, Night, Lust Charm and Insanity

Gelrosh – A tall Orc Chief, often depicted squishing the eye of Grumsh under his boot, he claims to be Lord of War, Torture, Destruction and Great Leaders

Slushgarif – A scaly Shaugin with a tall white trident, he claims to be God of Tyranny, Slavery and Fear, sent to aid these people claim dominance of the hated land lovers


Evil Daemon, Demon, Devil, Fear, Charm, Lust, Darkness, Loss, Moon, Night, Death, Murder, Undead, Destruction, Torture, Heroism, Resurrection, Knowledge, Law, Slavery, Tyranny, Revolution, Madness, Insanity, Nightmare, Magic, Arcane, Nobility, Leadership, Repose, Language, Deception, Stars, Tactics, Blood, War


Survival Argyle