Ouroboros League

Ouroboros League

Work in progress, as of yet non-existant

Overview: An Alchemists guild for the advancement of alchemical knowledge, and protection of its researchers. The league seeks to be the main procurer of rare alchemical ingredients, as well as the only major supplier of alchemical creations to shops across the breadth of Argyle. Certain organizations and/or individuals may be blacklisted by the league, in which case they will not be sold to.

The league maintains a major alchemical volume. The “Opus Alchemia” contains alchemical formulas granted to the guild for free use by all members, being filled either by donations, guild funded research, or as a substitute to guild fees.

League sanctioned alchemists can find lodgings at any of the guild houses free of charge, as well as use of the labs. They can procure many common reactants free of charge, and others at the cheapest possible price. If a rare ingredient is not currently in any of the guild store houses, he may utilize the league network to place a bounty on said reagent.

Certain guild houses may also offer classes in basic and advanced alchemy for applicants seeking to become members, or practising alchemists seeking to further their studies in a communal setting rather then locked in isolation.

The league may also assemble research groups to co-operate on creating a new formula or solving a common problem. Supplies for these projects are supplied by the guild, and the resultant formula(s) are added to the Opus Alchemia. All the members on the team get these formulas considered part of payment when paying their next dues.

Membership: Membership in the League requires a successful demonstration of alchemical knowledge, and a fee to be payed yearly in coin, or in formulas for the Opus Alchemia. The cost on coin versus formulas may change based on requirements. Additionally, long-term members whom have proved their value as members may on rare occasions have this fee waived.

Current Price:

Identification: A method of validating guild members is still being worked on. Needs to provide oversight of membership status, and be removable.

- DO NOT give guild formulas to non-league alchemists.
- DO NOT bring harm to league alchemists.
- DO NOT sell creations to blacklisted organizations/individuals.

Allies: None at this time.

Things to be completed:
1: Acquire enchanted linked volumes for Opus Alchemia.
-: Set membership prices.
-: Acquire guild houses.
-: Build membership.
-: Ally with a strong guild for protective co-operation?
-: Build Reputation.
-: Donations would possibly be a good idea for the time being?

Ouroboros League

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