Thieves Guild

Pasha or somtimes refered to as Guild Master


God Fathers


Soldiers Creepers Brothers


Guild Member

it is best to understand that the guild operates more like a web then anything linier, and it is also good to understand that just because you may have rank, it may not be in certain areas, that most members arent informed of who the higher ups are and that many within the guild have a distaste for authority… the guild is similar to a brotherhood with members at alrge who remain largely on the preriferal and never understanding guild life… others strive to rise through the ranks and enter a whole new world of politics and subterfuge.

it is known that anyone causeing problems for the guild, or operating without membership in guild territory could find themselves under guild dicipline, there arm is long and strong, as they have been known to inforce justice clear across Argyle, and deep into the underdark… do not cross the guild.

Thieves Guild

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